Shipping policy


We are a small company, based in the UK. Therefore we are not able to offer free shipping (and returns).

We are also subject to customs since Brexit. However, we will do our best to assist you with any problems with your order.



In the event of multiple purchases, please specify if you would like one or more packaging.  



We deliver to the UK exclusively by recorded delivery.



Due to the Brexit, shipments are subject to prohibitive customs clearance fees from carriers. Therefore, in order to avoid the inconvenience of a parcel being held by your local Post Office against payment of customs and clearance fees, I try to group orders and manage the import for you, with a transit through France. You will therefore receive a tracking number from the French Post Office in principle within 7 to 10 days after your order.  

If your order is urgent, please specify it during checkout, and I will send it directly from the UK, however, the additional fees claimed by your local Post Office will remain at your charge (about 20 Euros, sometimes more). 


We deliver in Europe, preferably by tracked letter. However, being subject to the UK Post Office's price list, we are aware of the cost of delivery, and offer you the option of receiving your orders by simple letter, without tracking.


By choosing the no-tracking option, you agree to take full responsibility in the event of non-receipt of your order, and to undertake the claims with the Post Office yourself. Please also note that standard shipments are insured by the post office for £25 only. We will keep a proof of posting ("Proof of Postage") of your order available to assist you with your claims.


We ship to the rest of the world with tracking only.

Price schedules are available during checkout.

Beware, customs clearance fees as well as additional taxes may be charged to you by the carrier.